Magazine for visual Merchandising, Retail Design & Customer Experiences.

Die Idee

STOR[I]ES is the new media platform for staged brand environments, visual merchandising, retail design and customer experiences – at point of sale, in virtual shopping environments or urban spaces. Bringing to life brand experience in all its facets, the platform focuses on both the customer journey and the emotional storytelling in retail design. STOR[I]ES was designed for all the experts contributing to these unique narratives – creatives, businesses, service providers as well as the new generation.

STOR[I]ES provides holistic insight into topics, projects & people

and tells the tale behind the images of staged brand environments, retail designs, visual merchandising and customer experiences. The platform shows real life concepts – as well as utopian environments on occasion – unique in their approach to technical finesse, adventurous courage and perfect absurdity. STOR[I]ES invites readers on a journey through a world of staged (product) environments while, at the same time, providing inspiration and (professional) information centered around retail design, visual merchandising and associated fields.

STOR[I]ES spreads through multiple channels

The website acts as the structural centerpiece, connecting all other channels. The print magazine offers in-depth content and various formats. Instagram completes the platform with a focus on visual inspiration.

The target group

STOR[I]ES is geared towards all experts creating consciously designed brand environments and experiences. Characterized by a customer-orientated, interdisciplinary, creative and economical style of work, these experts shape the future of staged (product) environments and take an interest in contemporary social, political as well as various other topics.

The creators

STOR[I]ES is supported by an established network operating in retail design, architecture, shopfitting, fair construction and visual merchandising. Created by experts, for experts! Thanks to the advice and support of industry insiders and professionals, STOR[I]ES presents an authentic, highly relevant platform. In addition, the independent and established editors of PLOT – Inszenierungen im Raum merge information (Stories) and inspiration (Stores) to generate high-profile content for sophisticated readers. DFROST, Stuttgart’s renowned brand and retail specialists, provide the visual implementation.