VMM emerges from Corona trough with renewed vigor

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In the course of Euroshop 2023, the VMM European Association for Visual Marketing and Merchandising reorganized its leadership team at its annual general meeting on Feb. 28, 2023. Strongly rejuvenated and with many new impulses, the association wants to bring fresh wind into the entire VM industry again.

The new vice president of the VMM is Sabine Krieg. The Prof.i.Vtr. Retail Design and of the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf was last already in the advisory board VMM and now moves up to the board. Christoph Stelzer was confirmed as president of the VMM for the next three years, as were the other board members Karin Wahl, Günter Reinermann, Klaus Lach and André Roitzsch. Therewith the VMM board remains 6-member.

The VMM has also restructured and significantly rejuvenated its Advisory Board – the group of initiators and operational supporters of the Executive Board. As of now, six new advisory board members will contribute fresh ideas: Hannah Eggerath, Alina Czeczinski, Anabel Eskici, Ulrich Seiss and Tamino Burk, as well as Simon Zillober from IBI Mannequins. Nicole Cooper, Julia Greven, Rüdiger Czeczinski, Carina Buhlert, Leila Heller-Wamser and Claudia Böhm also remain active on the VMM Advisory Board. The Advisory Board of the VMM thus now has 12 members.

After the long Corona break, the VMM is also setting new impulses again this year with its industrywide symposium: From May 24-26, 2023, the international VM industry will meet at the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein for the 45th International Conference for Visual Marketing & Retail Design under the motto “Retail MetaSenses”. The international conference is a meeting place for industry experts on current trends and future topics. In addition to international lectures, a platform for networking and exchange of experiences and services will be offered.


In recent months, the VMM has also expanded its digital communication channels and kept the VM industry together “virtually”:

The association’s website vmm.eu has undergone a relaunch in 2022 and now includes various new offerings such as expert directory, job portal or the VM Academy. The spectrum of services offered here ranges from certificate courses and sustainability certification to ecommerce consultation hours. The VMM’s digital offering is basically aimed at the entire VM industry, but is consistently tailored to the needs of VMM members and is being continuously expanded.

Here you see the new faces in the VMM leadership team – read from left to right: Prof.i.Vtr Sabine Krieg (Vice President), Tamino Burk, Alina Czeczinski, Ulrich Seiss, Hannah Eggerath, Simon Zillober, Anabel Eskici (Adviser).