Bold colour engages department store customers at an osaka shop-in-shop

| Text by: FRAME

Tags: m-i-d| colour| Shop-in-Shop| Retail Design| Osaka


Curiosity designed fashion brand M-i-d’s new store in a leading Osaka department store, using yellow as the sole colour in this happiness-inducing interactive concept space. 

Located in Hankyu Department Store in Osaka, Japan, the new M-i-d concept store is named Light House: Maison M-i-d 1985.’ Garments in black and white stand out from the various shades of yellow covering the interior, which was designed by Curiosity. These sunny hues are employed to catch the eye of customers from a distance. Yellow-green glass bricks are laid out in a maze, reflecting brightness into the space. Despite this, the transparent partitions create a sense of openness in the structure, offering hints of what lies beyond it. The ceiling was given the same grids as the glass, generating a synchronicity. Light shines through these lattices, creating additional light to refract through the glass display boxes and illuminate the space.


Different tones define areas according to the collections on show there. These symmetrical merchandising spaces create an impression of the shop – the largest in the department store – extending infinitely. Curiosity employed a labyrinthian structure to alter the visitor’s perception of its size. Mirrors are added to further this effect. Yellow mosaic tiles and carpets are used on the floor, brightening a dark space. Dotted throughout M-i-d’s store are soft chairs and bar stools of a similar hue.


With this project, Curiosity displays how using colour monochromatically and making experience-led design choices can transform a common department store area into a seemingly stand-alone retail space. Labyrinthian yellow stained glass and lighting encourage exploration of the seemingly endless aisles, increasing customer engagement. It’s a hue that was also utilized in ILO Living’s retail space and showroom to bring warmth and highlight the relaxing nature of a minimalist colour scheme. Yellow, often employed for wayfinding, can also create a cheerful atmosphere, contributing to a positive user experience and attention-grabbing aspect – a crucial factor for an individual store within a multi-brand department shop.